Authentic Connection To Culture

Securing and protecting the Indigenous Australian Tourism Souvenir Market.

IndigiLedger empowers Indigenous Australian communities in their fight against the $200M fake Indigenous art industry. Our integrated blockchain solution provides certainty of legitimacy and authenticity of cultural work prior to purchase.

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Telling the story of authentic Indigenous art

Capturing the unique cultural story of Indigenous art.

Every individual work of souvenir art has a unique story characterised by its place of origin, history, culture, inspiration, method of production, creation journey and more

Ensuring authenticity and cultural integrity of every item.

Utilising the latest in optical technology developed by Laava ID and CSIRO, a unique digital fingerprint for each item ensures the authenticity, provenance, traceability and cultural integrity of every item. Scanning the ID enables an enhanced user experience by accessing rich and relevant product information.

Protecting artists and their customers from fakes.

The power of Blockchain and its military grade encryption offers a superior level of security, enabling buyer-seller connectivity to the highest level of certainty for provenance, authenticity and traceability.

Source of origin to establish production line to guarantee quality

Verify Indigenous Art authenticity is assurance of its value

The journey of each piece of artwork adds insight into its experience


A story of cultural integrity and economic potential.

Local Indigenous art promotes cultural integrity and economic potential. The $200M fake Indigenous art trade strips local Indigenous economies of culture, property rights, integrity and taxable income. IndigiLedger’s Blockchain backed solution will enable market correction that distributes supply chain favourable to the social and economic benefit of Indigenous communities.

Transformative benefits
Blockchain integration will secure supply chains and protect Indigenous property rights, artwork and authenticity enabling self determination and growth of labour markets. This shared immutable transaction ledger will uphold the provenance of Indigenous culture.

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