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IndigiLedger is a technology based platform, harnessing the power of Blockchain seeking to empower Indigenous Australian people through social and economic development opportunities in remote, rural, regional and urban communities.  Its flagship program will be to execute an integrated blockchain solution to secure the supply chain of Indigenous Australian souvenir and visual art markets.

The platform will produce digital tokens enabling consumers to validate the credentials of the product purchased via open source technology.  It will also incentivise participation from Indigenous manufacturers as the platform pivots Blockchain's attribute of being an immutable source of truth to secure supply chain markets safely and effectively.


IndigiLedger Founder and Director
Adam Robinson
Founder and Director

Ben Maggacis
Lead Developer


ABC Radio National AWAYE program
Can blockchain technology put a brake on fake Indigenous art?
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QUT teams up with IndigiLedger to protect Indigenous art
The $200 million annual trade in fake Australian Indigenous art and design products has been dealt a major blow thanks to IndigiLedger, a world-first Indigenous start-up backed by QUT.
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Cultural Empowerment | Adam Robinson | TheInformer
Founder and CEO of Indigiledger, Adam Robinson, explains how the cutting edge blockchain technology will empower indigenous communities in their fight against the $200m of fake art that is produced in Australia.
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IndigiLedger app tackles multi-million dollar trade in fake art. A world-first app is helping Indigenous creatives tackle the multi-million dollar trade in fake art.
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Additional Resources

Australian Government IP Australia Report
IP Australia is looking at ways the IP system can better support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to protect and benefit from their Indigenous Knowledge.

A campaign to lobby the Australian Government to address the proliferation of fake Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art and art products.